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Praxis is the subject association of the students of philosophy, sociology and social policy at the University of Eastern Finland. Joining the subject association is not compulsory, but still highly recommended.

By active participation in the subject association activities you have the opportunity to make new friends, receive information on important issues having to do with your studies and influence what the future of the University of Eastern Finland looks like.

Praxis offers a variety of sporting activities, various events and plenty of parties, each greater than the last. Praxis has a sturdy reputation of organising the best parties in UEF. Praxis also publishes its own blog, Pragma, which can be found as one part of this website.


Please note! For exchange students both the membership fee and activity fee are not required for the first semester. However, if an exchange student studies in UEF for the whole academic year or longer, membership or activity fee are required after the first free semester.

Become a member?

Anyone who studies social policy, sociology or philosophy at the university of Eastern Finland is welcome to join Praxis. You can join Praxis by transferring the membership fee, 15 euros, to the Praxis account FI66 5770 0520 4667 04. In the reference number section of the transaction, please write number 1148. The membership of Praxis is lifelong.

Activity fee

An activity fee is gathered from all Praxis members to cover some of the costs of the activities organized. Members pay the activity fee, 10 euros, each academic year (valid from from Sep 1st to Aug 31st.). After paying the fee said member is free to participate in all Praxis’ internal activities, no other fees charged. Please transfer your activity fee to the Praxis account FI66 5770 0520 4667 04. In the reference number section of the transaction, please write number 1135. The activity fee will not be collected from members who have paid their membership fee during the same year.

Mailing list

By joining the Praxis mailing list you can stay posted on upcoming events and activities. The messages on the mailing list will be in Finnish, but the person in charge of international relations will translate them and send them to you. If you wish to subscribe to the mailing list nevertheless, please contact the chairperson of Praxis and you will be added to the list. Unsubscribing works the same way, so please contact the chairperson to unsubsribe. Please send email to praxisry at to subscribe.