Guidelines of safer space

The guidelines of safer space by Praxis ry have referenced interaktio ry and materials by SETA ry and By participating in organized events, you agree to follow the quidelines. Let’s work together to ensure that Praxis events are safe for everyone!

1. Try not to make assumptions about others, be open and listen

– Try not to make assumptions about other people’s gender, sexuality, health or background. Understand that you never know everything about someone.
– Give others space to express themselves. Accept also a lower level of activity at events
– If you disagree about something, expess it in a constructive manner

2. Respect others’ physical and emotional boundaries

– Ask permission before touching someone or commenting on them. Respect everyone’s self-determination. No means no. Accept others’ boundaries
– Respect what others have to say by listening to them
– If you are asked to stop, stop
– If there is intoxicant usage in events, do not pressure anyone to use them. Do not question anyone’s decision to not use intoxicants

3. Discrimination of any kinds is prohibited

– Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and any other type of discrimination do not belong in praxis’ events or activity
– Do not speak in a manner that is discriminatory and/or stereotyping. Acknowledge your possible privileges.
– If you notice this kind of behavior, either intervene yourself or fetch someone, such as the event’s harassment contact person

4. Do not hesitate to ask for help in problematic situations

– Everyone is oblicated to intervene in situations of harashment
– Safer space is created together with active actions

5. If you notice, that someone is not in a good shape, look after them and if necessary, fetch someone, such as the event’s harassment contact person

– Remember, that for example a disoriented or unconscious person cannot consent to sexual acts

6. Everyone is in charge of creating a safer space

– If you witness a harassment situation, do not remain as a bystander, but rather offer support for the target of the harassment and fetch the event’s harassment contact person
– Intervene in any discriminatory conduct
– Do not fear failure, the most important thing is to try to affect the situation
– Consider also that the target of the harassment has their own experiences and thoughts about the situation, respect their decisions, ask them how you could help.

In events organized by Praxis ry a person guilty of harassment or any other type of discriminatory conduct or speech can be removed immidiately by the harassment contact person.