Information about Praxis

What is Praxis?

Praxis is a subject association of students studying in the department of social sciences and economies at the Joensuu campus of University of Eastern Finland. Praxis arranges various activities such as events and exercises. For your main subject you can choose sociology or social policy.

By active participation in the subject association activities you have the opportunity to make new friends, receive information on important issues having to do with your studies and influence what the future of the University of Eastern Finland looks like.

Praxis offers a variety of sporting activities, various events and plenty of parties, each greater than the last. Praxis has a sturdy reputation of organising the best parties in UEF. Praxis also publishes its own blog, Pragma, which can be found as one part of this website.

Coffee shift of Praxis

In addition, Praxis holds a coffee shift every Tuesday from 13:45 to 14:15. At Metria, in the space of the subject association, unless otherwise stated. Welcome to coffee to meet fellow students and buy overall patches etc.

Mailing list

By joining the Praxis mailing list you can stay posted on upcoming events and activities. The messages on the mailing list will be in Finnish, but the person in charge of international relations will translate them and send them to you.

Information about events

All the events of Praxis are listed on the website here.

Social media

Members of the Government 2023

Chairperson: Tuuli Paananen
Vice chairperson: Emilia Timonen
Secretary: Severi Soininen
Person in charge of finances: Jeremia Sidoroff
Trustee: Nea Ullgrén
Person in charge of public relations: Aada Mäkelä
Person in charge of events and activities: Jeremias Koskimäki, Eetu Hyytiäinen, Susanne Kontturi
Contact person of enterprises: Niilo Räty
Person in charge of international relations and tutoring: Henna Kohvakka
Person in charge of projects: Eriikka Tuomaala