Membership benefits and products

Membership benefits in 2023

Kerubi – By showing Praxis sticker you avoid cloakroom fee every night at the Kerubi restaurant. Every member of Praxis gets also free member ship of Kerubi’s customer loyalty program (ask the code from person in charge of international relations).

Cosmic – Bowling shoes free of charge by showing Praxis sticker. During the events of other subject associations bowling cost 10€/hour (bowling alley).

Easyfit Joensuu – Free joining free and free second-month of training by showing Praxis sticker.

Member products

Praxis colleges and other products as canvas bags are ordered when informed. Upcoming orders we inform in Praxis’ information channels.

Songbook is book full of songs which is used in sitsit. In Praxis we have our own song book which you can buy if you want to. Mostly of the songs are in Finnish but there is couple of international songs as well. Songbook cost 12€ and you can buy it from coffee shifts on Tuesdays in Metria.